The great mining Power in Siberia, Russia
Special offer for equipment placement
Electricity 0.028$ all inclusive
Request the calculation for the SHA 256
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Send request for scrypt hashing power
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How it works
Calculation and Contract
We will prepare and confirm with you all calculations and after it we will make the sale and colocation contract included all taxes
Order equipment with best price
We work with popular crypto suppliers like Bitmain on dealer condition. We will get your new equipment from the factory in the shortest time.
Personal ID area with web interface
You will have personal ID with web interface to check the mining status in any time. You can transfer money from here
All install and set up to start
We will make all set up with which the equipment will mine in the most effective way and give you more profit every day
We can offer you the insuarance contracts with the most popular companies
Start mining
Will turn on your hashing power facilities and take care of them 24/7
Pay service cost
You pay the service cost - 15% of your profit
After it you will recive the receive on your wallet and feel safe
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Our advantages
As you see we use the great and green power of water for our mining facilities.
Strong net connection stucture
Unlimited and safe net connection
Reserve electricity
Uninterrupted power supply of the center is provided by capacities of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station
Cooling system
Our datacenter has the strong cooling and ventilation system

Take care of your equipment
We will take care about all your devices. You can be sure about safety and efficiency of your equipment
24/7 support
We offer 24/7 technical support. Pls do not hesitate to contact us and request for any consultation
Our data center was certificated with TIER III category. We guarantee high quality service
Still thinking?
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How our data center looks like
We are totally open for you and invite you to see the photos from our data center and to visit it by yourself. You are welcome!
What will you get with Siberian mining hub?
Great profit for your invesment
This is your chance to receive passive profit quickly returning investments
The best price for the electricity
We offer you the best price for the electricity
The best price for the equpment
We work with popular suppliers of the equipment and offer you the best price and legal contacts.
Contact us:
Email: partner@siberiamhub.ru
WeChat: wxid_m520eczn2d0n22

Office address
443086, Samara, Sklyarenko street, d. 26, office 307

Data center addresses
Krasnoyarsk region, Minusinsk, Industrial street, 11
Republic of Khakassia, Chernogorsk, Orlova street, 15A
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